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Commercial and SBA lending. Simplified.


Commercial and SBA real estate lending used to be a specialty business dominated by a select group of lenders and brokers. DealFlo has disrupted this misconception while simplifying the entire process from application intake all the way to loan funding - and best of all, we do all the heavy lifting.

The DealFlo Advantage

The DealFlo intuitive platform was designed with residential mortgage brokers in mind - providing them with the expertise and resources to compete in the lucrative $Trillion Commercial and SBA loan market. What was once out of reach to many is now open to all. So let DealFlo show you how to find, process, and fund CRE/SBA loans nationwide - and leave all the heavy lifting to us. Become a DealFlo Commercial Broker™ today!

Modern Building

"I can help  many of my self-employed clients buy their building with an SBA loan. I couldn't do that before!"

One platform. Many solutions. Multiple lenders.

As a DealFlo Commercial Broker™, you get access to our turnkey lending platform to take your mortgage business to the next level. We've succeeded in helping many achieve what was once out of reach! So let us show you how to start funding Commercial & SBA real estate loans nationwide.


We developed our broker-centric training to demystify CRE/SBA lending for you. Whether your client needs a loan on an apartment complex, shopping center or their new place of business, our training and sales support will show you how to put it all together.


Best part? We do the loan processing for you! No need to re-train your inhouse processor. Once you submit a loan file to DealFlo, our CRE/SBA loan experts take over and move your loans quickly and efficiently along the many steps from application to funding!


CRE/SBA Lenders are very selective with who they partner with. DealFlo Certified Lenders™  have proven their ability to deliver quick approval & funding. They offer wholesale rates and rebates available only to DealFlo Commercial Brokers™.

How does it work?
Simple as A-B-C.

Shades of Blue

Recent Funding

DealFlo Commercial Broker™ can earn 5x more commission income doing CRE and SBA loans than on residential loans. DealFlo shows you how to submit applications for commercial loans and find a matching qualified lender. And once a match is made, our intuitive platform and in-house Loan Concierge Team will get loans approved and funded on your behalf.

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