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Training and Support

Many believe that commercial loans are complicated, the rules are different, they take longer to complete and that it’s difficult to build a commercial lender network. It can be, but you don't need to go at it alone. Which is why DealFlo developed a comprehensive training  & sales support program to help residential mortgage brokers confidently offer CRE/SBA loans to their borrowers.

DealFlo's disruptive lending platform provides DealFlo Commercial Brokers™ with all the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to start doing CRE/SBA loans without a lot of hassles.

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1. What is CRE/SBA lending?

Phase 1 is an introduction to CRE/SBA loans that explains the many types of loans and how to structure one to best fit the need of each borrower. Each borrower will have a unique loan situation: from the type of property, to how it is vested, to whether it is an owner-user or an income property. The goal is to empower brokers to quickly recognize a commercial loan opportunity so they can confidently place the loans with DealFlo Certified Lenders.

  • SBA 7a & 504

  • CRE

  • Owner User

  • Income Property

  • CDC Debenture

  • Bridge Loan

  • Construction Loan

  • Tenant Improvement

  • Title Vesting

  • Personal Guaranty

2. Pre-qualify CRE/SBA loans

​In Phase 2, we take a deep dive into how to pre-qualify and underwrite commercial loans. We commonly refer this phase as the "3 C's of credit: Cash Flow, Collateral, and Character." Unlike in residential lending where lenders look at only a handful of metrics - commercial lending will evaluate more than a dozen.  So it is imperative we impart this knowledge to ensure our brokers become successful with CRE & SBA loans out of the gate. 

  • DSCR

  • LTV

  • Environmental report

  • Net Worth/Liquidity

  • Appraisal report

  • CAP rate

  • NNN/Gross rent

  • Lease rate

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3. Where to find borrowers

Phase 3: Now that brokers understand the fundamentals of commercial lending and have gotten insight into what lenders look for, we now add the final piece - helping brokers find CRE/SBA borrowers.  Its not rocket science! The commercial opportunities are already in the broker's book of business: existing clients, prospects, and referral partners. There is absolutely no need to re-invent the wheel when all that is required is to let everyone know that as a DealFlo Commercial Broker™, you now have the expertise, resources, and lenders to fund CRE/SBA loans nationwide.

Broker, CA

“The training provided by DealFlo opened my broker business up to unlimited opportunities. I no longer have to rely solely on the home loan market to grow my company."

Lender, FL

"We have a higher funding rate with loans coming from brokers trained by DealFlo. It makes the entire process a whole lot easier for us."

Borrower, AZ

“I normally go to my bank whenever I needed a commercial loan until my loan broker started doing them. Its so much easier to going to one place to get a home, commercial, or business loan.”

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