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Loan Processing Concierge

As all experienced brokers know, getting the borrower to accept your quote and submit their application is merely the first of many steps. It takes a dedicated team of loan assistants, processors, and closers to move the loan all the way through to successful funding. Commercial loan processing, while similar to the residential side, can be very onerous and labor intensive that often times deter many from getting into the business. DealFlo solved this problem by providing a Loan Processing Concierge team to brokers using our platform.


By offloading and shifting the commercial processing responsibilities to us,  DealFlo Commercial Brokers™ can start doing CRE/SBA loan originations quickly and without having to invest  in training their own processing staff.

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Expert Problem Solvers

Our processing team are experts in commercial lending and diligent at putting all the pieces together to make funding happen. What looks like a puzzle to many is quite the opposite for us. With experience honed over many years working at CRE/SBA regional and national lenders, there really isn't any processing problem or deadline our team hasn't seen before.  


Workflow Management

While no two commercial loans are alike, the steps involved in getting from the application intake stage all the way to funding are. The combination of a solidly designed Workflow Management System with an experienced Loan Processing Concierge Team have facilitated successful loan funding time and time again.  Having this turnkey lending platform is a huge competitive advantage for DealFlo Commercial Brokers™ and a key differentiator in the success of their CRE/SBA lending business.

Broker, CA

“There is absolutely no way we could of gotten our own  processors up to speed with CRE lending. DealFlo's commercial processing team was ready to go and knows how to get loans done quickly."

Lender, NY

"The less time we have to spend processing a commercial loan in-house the better. DealFlo's processors are the best there is."

Borrower, CA

“DealFlo's processors helped me organize all the documents SBA needed to fund my building loan on time.”

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